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First best friend: valérie long away is it
First car: no car
First date: omg... was that a date? LOL
First real kiss: omg... it was magical I gotta say
First screen name: l_oVel2s_lVlal2iE (yeah i know)
First self purchased CD: apocalyptica's retake on metallica songs
First pets: kally <3
First piercing/tattoo: ears
First musician you remember hearing in your house: queen <3


Last cigarette: last week
Last car ride: omg why is it ages ago...
Last kiss: omg even more ages ago
Last good cry: oh... a year i think
Last library book checked out: the green mile by stephen king
Last movie seen: due date
Last beverage drank: pepsi
Last food consumed: it was something like a pizza pocket but yet it was more tasty ?
Last crush: omg... please make me forget that
Last phone call: my manager
Last time showered: yesterday night
Last shoes worn: my boots
Last cd played: omg... myst cd (quebec bands are awesome)
Last item bought: power push pop... yeah I know CHILDHOOD IS BACK
Last annoyance: a client that kept calling and I couldn't ear him so he kept hanging up.
Last disappointment: I failed a class
Last shirt worn: a black shirt
Last website visited:facebook
Last word you said: people
Last song you sang: marry the night ( I sing while working)

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I mostly do customizations and manga eyes because I can't seem to get any other pieces of a manga character to look right. I am highly obsessed by robert downey jr. and fashion.

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